4th July 2017. Rome, “Operational Profiles for International Business”

On 4th July 2017 Mr Marco Padovan will take part in the event for the Continuing Professional Development about “Operational Profiles for International Business”, organized by the Commission Tools for National and International Companies’ Development of the Accountants Association of Rome. Mr. Padovan will speak about “European Union and the United States of America: compliance procedures from two sides of the ocean”. The following people will also attend the event: Dr. Ranieri Razzante, Professor of Anti-Money Laundering at the University of Bologna, President of AIRA and Advisor to the Antimafia Parliamentary Committee and to the Antiracket Prefect; and Dr. Alfonso Santilli, Head of Foreign Affairs Department, Bank of Vicenza.

The first 150 people that will registered on the website http://www.odcec.roma.it/ will be admitted attending the event.

Program of the event