Administrative law

The Firm has an extensive experience in Administrative law, with specific regard to public work contracts and contract for the construction of buildings for public or private purposes.

In relation to public contracts (relating to either the supply of goods or services, the performance of works, the award of concessions for public works or services), the Firm provides its out-of-court assistance to both public and private entities in all the phases of public tender procedures, as from the identification of the economic operators to whom the public contracts are awarded through the performance of contracts.

In relation to the construction of buildings, the Firms provides assistance in all the phases of the development procedures, issues legal opinions on the problematics elements of the concerned initiatives (such as maximum building extent, distances, urban equalization, confiscation), assists in negotiating contracts for the purchase of land and in obtaining the necessary administrative authorizations and in relation to environmental and landscape issues.

Furthermore, the Firm provides in-court assistance, before all competent administrative judicial authories, in law-suits subject to ordinary and special rules and in law-suit subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of administrative courts.