The Firm provides assistance to e-commerce and e-couponing companies on issues related to the civil liabilities of internet service providers under the national and UE applicable law and, in general, on the Internet law.

The Firm assists e-commerce and e-couponing companies in relation to the drafting, entering into, enforcement and termination of B2B contracts with merchants and providers of web marketing or logistic services, as well as in relation to the drafting of B2C terms governing sale contractual relationships with consumers or general terms and conditions applied by online sellers.

The Firms provides assistance also in relation to the processing of personal and sensitive data collected during internet activities, in the analysis and drafting of privacy and cookies policies, etc.

Furthermore, the Firm has gained an extensive expertise on all the issues relating to the consumer protection, unfair terms and unfair commercial practices, also in relation to proceedings pending before the Italian Antitrust Authority and/or the pertinent Administrative or Ordinary courts.

The Firm provides assistance also with regard to the compliance of initiatives implying the award of prizes with the Italian applicable law Presidential Decree No. 430/2001 and for the implementation of all the resulting activities.