Client Alert Aprile 2019: The Law Decree n. 32 of 18 April 2019 (so called “Sblocca cantieri”) published on Official Gazette: simplified rules to smooth the award of public contracts, speed up the execution of major infrastructures and foster urban regeneration activities

Law Decree n. 32 of 18 April 2019 (the so called “Sblocca Cantieri”) has been published on the Official Gazette of the Republic of Italy n. 92 of 18 April 2019. The set of new rules aims at smoothing the award and execution of public contracts, speeding up the execution of major infrastructure works and fostering urban regeneration activities.
The Law Decree amends, exactly 3 years after its enactment, the Legislative Decree  n. 50/2016 on public contracts which implements  Directives 2014/23, 2014/24 and 2014/25 of the European Union, and marks a major swift in the approach to public contracts award.
The Law Decree further aims at stimulating the regeneration of existing urban buildings, in order to reduce soil consumption, by relaxing certain urban standards, provided that previous ground dimensions and distances between buildings are respected.

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